Grow your Business with Solar

Partnership for Growth

We believe in partnering with electrical experts with own business who share our passion for solar and quality. We are committed to provide our partners with the resources necessary to successfully grow in the solar market and are glad to share our experience.

Best in Class Products for your Customer’s Solution

Our product range offers a variety of leading solar products. We strive for best customer experience and therefore give high quality and efficiency first priority. Our offer ranges from the wholesale of individual components to preconfigured residential and commercial solar systems to tailor-made large-scale solutions. All products are from top brands, sourced globally from industry leading manufacturers and come with long-term warranty schemes. Whether for sourcing solar panels, inverters and batteries or to offer an all-in-one solution to your clients, our reseller programme equips you with the right resources

Join the Reseller Network

Whether you are a qualified electrician, a solar professional or experienced entrepreneur you can benefit from our reseller programme. Join our network and become a premium solar service provider. As licensed partner you benefit from our high-quality products at preferential pricing, our experience and resources.

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